The Polished MD

Preparation can set up the interview for you

quick and Simple Steps
opening the doors
to your next interview


Learn what Employers and program Directors are looking for

Knowing your audience helps you craft  your CV and Personal statement to get the interview


Create a story through your application

By designing a story that tells you who are, You make it easy for employers to see why you stand out from the rest. 


Design how your interview will flow

Planning your CV and PS will help you set up  your interview, selling yourself as the competent, productive , and outstanding physician you are.

Don't let Your
Personal Statement
Hurt your chances...

Get inside knowledge, 

avoid red flags  and write an outstanding personal statement that will help you stand out among the competition. 

Moving to a New Hospital

Matching In March

Preparation can set up the interview for you

Getting your real first Job

Landing Your Fellowship

What People Say About Us

Physician Testimonials

You have
worked harder
than everyone else..
let us
help you show It.

15 years helping

 students, Residents, Fellows, 

& attendings

get the positions they deserve!

We will help you plan your application,
so you can focus on your patient care. 

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