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Cirriculum Vitae Editing

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Why your CV is crucial..

Your CV is the first thing you present to your future employer.  It must stand out, not be flashy, be comprehensive but to the point, highlight your success, and devoid of red flags. Doing it right and catching the eye of your interviewer is difficult when you have patients, billing, reading and your current job to worry about. 


How We
Can Help

Our CV editing service is available to help you create a CV that will take the stress out onto knowing the best way to write about yourself.

With years of experience behind us, we review your CV for context, wording, appropriateness, and  flow.  Adding elements to draw your interviewers eye to the important content that makes you unique. 

getting you though the Door

When to update your CV

Your CV is used for everything.

 Its often required every year or two when you have to resubmit for your hospital credentials.  If you work at an academic institution, you will likely need it when you renew your academic appointment every one to two years.  A CV is required when applying for grants, giving grand rounds, and, at times, for manuscript submissions.


Most important advice for a CV...

You’ve probably visited 10-20 sites looking for great CV examples , or how to turn your resume into a CV.  They all recommend getting your CV reviewed, by multiple people.  Having a CV reviewed by professionals who look at hundreds of CVs a year helps you subtly stand out and leave a great first impression. 

“You never get a second chance to make a First impression.”

Will Rogers

first impression

Make it Great

If you are applying for a Job, Fellowship, Grant or need new Letter of Recommendation a newly polished CV is crucial to get across who you are as a physician.  It should highlight all your major accomplishments, and even the minor ones that get you to your goal. Don’t hope you have a great CV, know that it has been reviewed by an expert in the field to impress anyone you send it too.


start with Knowing you

Learn how to get everything about you out on paper before starting your cv


Get it all on paper

Not just your success , but who you are as a doctor, and where you want to go with your career and life. then you can create your fist impression. 


Put it all together

Knowing yourself will help you sell you as the product. We can help you put together an entire application starting with the CV. Making sure you will match in to the right job. 

Example CV styles

There are many ways to construct your CV.  For a doctor, there are few that will be acceptable, and many that do not make the cut. 


Since we went to school for medicine, and not graphic design, keeping it elegant and simple is the style that works best. 

I am applying for...


CV services tailored for the Attending job search both experienced physician, and just out of training.


For the resident who is planning to go on to socialized training to start an amazing career


For the Medical student ooking to gain every edge to Match in program of their choosing.

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