The Polished MD

Physician Application Review


  • For practicing attendings, Fellows, Residents, and Medical students.
  • Review of all descriptions on application, with suggestions on edits and improvements.
  • Review headshot.
  • Reviews grammar and spelling
  • Recommendations and explanations
  • Remove any red flags and suggests wording for difficult situations
  • 3 email correspondences to get it right following initial application return (response time within 72 hours)


Enhance your application (Job, ERAS or any format)  and ensure that it is portraying who you really are, and what you want department chairs or program directors to focus on.  You do not want to accidentally add in statements that are Red Flags or forget important accomplishments that are important to employers.   A   polished application is crucial to get across who you are as a physician.  Following the purchase, you will be prompted to send the PDF of your application to us. We recommend including your CV and PS/Cover letter so we have the best picture of who you are to review and edit your ERAS application. This will not include editing the CV and PS.


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